Thursday, 5 July 2012


Have you ever wanted to explain something to someone and wished you could draw on the computer screen? Or maybe you are like me and give computer presentations, where being able to draw on the screen can make things clearer. Then there are times when you would like to add comments to the screen and save the results. If you use the Firefox browser, there is a free add-on that lets you draw or type on any web page to your heart’s content and save the screen as a JPG or PNG if you wish.

It’s called Screen Draw and is available at this Mozilla link. When installed it adds a pencil icon to your Firefox toolbar. Clicking the icon opens the toolbar shown on the left. The toolbar has the functions Clear, Save, Text, Erase, and Brush. There is also a slider to adjust the size of text or of the drawing brush. Configuring of colors and font can be done from the Firefox Add-Ons Manager with the dialog shown in the figure below.

Screen Draw has fewer features than some commercial programs but it is free and sufficient for situations where you want a simple way to draw or to place comments on a Firefox page.

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