Sunday, 24 June 2012


 This latest mtn free browsing tweak is unique unlike the other mtn tricks you see out their. This involves how to use mtn bis plan and start browsing unlimited with your pc and stop dashing money to mtn. just
follow the mtn bis plan on pc steps below:

The software to be used for this browsing tweak is called freegate

1. Recharge your sim with N1500 airtime.( or any mtn bis plan)

2. Then send bbc to 21600

3. Then insert the sim card in your modem, Go to the modem menu at the top to adjust your settings, then click on tool>>option>>profile management, then Set your APN on your Modem : APN: Username: web Password: web

4. Set your dail up no *99# but if you are using a universal modem, run your browsers directly, it will find a proper port and ip to run on.

5. Download freegate: Freegate is the software that will enable you to run this tweak and start browsing free.. Click Here to download freegate. Or download it from this link, if is not clickable, copy and paste it into your browser and download it. NOTE: the software is freegate not freedom.
6. After you download freegate, you can now connect your modem and run freegate (which will automatically connect you to the internet)..
7. If your browser did not connect automatically, You can go on and configure your browser with this code HTTP Proxy:, Port:8580.

Download the free browsing manual HERE and learn how to do it step by step with other unique styles and methods.

Enjoy friends

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