Friday, 22 June 2012


Here is Jing a great tool that allows you to instantly capture images and videos on your PC, then share them with anyone. It allows you to send your screenshots to your favorite sites eg Facebook, Twitter etc and you can also save the screenshots to your PC.

You initiate a capture by clicking Jing's happy always-ready "sun" icon seen in the picture below:After installing Jing to your PC, you will see icon above on your screen. You will have to click it anytime you want to capture your screen.
You can capture a window, pane, or region. After selecting a window or region, Jing will record everything that appears in that area.
Point to things with your mouse, scroll, flip through photos, click around in a website or application... Jing captures it, though Jing videos are limited to 5 minutes for instant, focused communication.

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