Saturday, 15 September 2012


Its not been long I got this info and I had like to share with you. Google has launched Gmail SMS, a free email solution which allows mobile phone users in Nigeria and Ghana and Kenya to send and receive emails without  internet connection. The service works on any phone including basic phones that only support voice and SMS.

If you activate GMail SMS, the service automatically forwards your e-mails as SMS text messages to your phone. You can respond to the e-mails by responding directly to the SMS. You can control the emails received by replying with commands such as MORE, PAUSE and RESUME. 

Additionally, compose a new email as an SMS and send to any email address recipient – who will find your message in the right email conversation thread.”

How To Set Up/Active Gmail SMS

1. Click the small arrow beside your avatar at the top right hand corner of your Gmail web browser and click on on “Account.
2. In the "Phone and SMS" section, click “Open SMS settings.
3. Enter the phone number where you would like to receive your emails

4. Click  the "Send Code" button. A code will be sent to your phone.
5. Enter the verification code sent to your phone as an SMS in the provided box.
6. Select to have emails forwarded to your phone.

That's all.

Note: SMS is less secure and may be less reliable than web-based communication. All messages sent by SMS are sent via your mobile operator's network without encryption.

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