Friday, 10 August 2012

HOW TO ACTIVATE Airtel Quick Talk Package (NIGERIA)

Recently, Airtel Nigeria unveiled the "Quick Talk Package"; an innovative package aimed at driving home its resolve to consistently delight Nigerians with innovative telecommunication offerings that make sense and bring affordability to the masses that would benefit greatly from the offer.

According to the Chief Marketing officer, Airtel Nigeria during the launching of the Airtel Quick Recharge Voucher in Lagos recently, "Airtel Quick Talk’ is a product for people who are conscious of call rates and therefore talk quickly. These set of people, he explains, go straight to the point and they call either to gather information or to confirm information.

‘Quick Talk’ is a unique package with two offerings, N50 and N100. It is designed for the set of people who desire affordable call rates. The package is neither designed with access fee nor first minute charges.

So, What are the Migration Codes for Airtel Quick Talk Plan?

To access the Airtel N50 ‘Quick Talk’ Voucher, customer must have up to N50 and above in their main account before dialing *400*50# to successfully migrate to enjoy the package.
Similarly, customers must also have up to N100 in their main account before dialing *400*100# to migrate to enjoy maximum benefits.

At the subscription with N50 voucher, the customers will enjoy 60 seconds call for 3 days while the N100 voucher subscription will give the customer access to 60 seconds call for a maximum of 7 days.
The 60 seconds daily call is toll free to all local networks.

Quick Talk is available to both existing and new customers who are on the following Airtel Prepaid Plans; 2Good, 2Good Time, Airtel Big Family Extra, Club 10 and Valumax.


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